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We are dedicated team of dental professionals who really careWe are dedicated team of dental professionals who really careabout your beautiful smile and healthy teeth. We have highstandarts for hygiene, our staff and our hi-tech equipment. Ourstaff continue education and attend conferences and masterclasses around the world to keep up to date with new proceduresand equipment. We treat our clients as individuals and our guests,we work together to develop a clear and complete personaltreatment plan.

The founders of our clinic are Kopylov Yury Vladimirovich andKopylova Elena Andreevna working in the field of dentistry for thepast 32 years. They have working expirience in the clinics ofRussian Goverment Health System.

In 90s, they have established first joint Russian - Japanies dentalclinic in Nakhodka city ( Far East region of Russia),supported byFar East industrial companies. Yuri Vladmirovich Kopylov is aGeneral Director of the clinic and orthopedic surgeon. ElenaAndreevna Kopylova is a Head Doctor and leading GeneralDentist. Photo of her works can be seen on our websitewww.dentistry-dk.ru and in the social networks Facebook andInstagramm.

Our talented doctors are: Dr Naimushin Artem- Maxillofacialsurgeon & Implantologist; Dr Gladilin Dmitry,P.H.D., orthodontics;Dr Myasnikov Leonid- Orthopedic Surgeon; Dr Radionov Dmitry-Orthopedic Surgeon & Endodontist; Dr Grigorieva Maria-Hygienist. Most of them are Ebnglish speaking, nobody smokes.

They enhance their qialification, cooperate with dental autoritiesand profile departments.

Despite the size of the clinic it has modern equipment: dentalunits, X-ray machines, microscope ( K.Zeiss), peizosurgicaldevices ( Piezon Master Surgical),unique lazer machine for teethwhitening ( Smart Bleach 3LT) and modern sterilization unit.

For our patients we can offer following procedures:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry: painless lazer teeth whitening,composite fillings,crowns, bridges,restorations ( inlay &onlay), veneers,implants, fixed orthodontic braces,removable appliances, Invisalign
  • Surgery: Tooth extraction, Implants ( Nobel Swiss-USA),bone grafting, sinus augmentation, cystectomy and aeshteticgum procedures
  • Oral Hygiene: scalling ( Piezon, Cavitron, manualinstruments), Air -Flow,Prevention therapy ( remineralization& fluoride application),controlled teeth cleaning, Touch toTeach method, home care of your oral health
  • General Dentistry: all types of fillings, restorations, sealants,root canal treatment
  • Implantology: All-on-4
  • Prosthodontics: Restorations ( Inlay& Onlay),Crowns,Bridges,Veneers, Implants, Dentures
  • Endodontics: Root canal therapy treatment, Re- treatment ofroot canals
  • Orthodontics: Fixed orthodontic braces, Removableappliances, Invisalign

Why choose our clinic:

  • Wide range of treatment offered- including cosmetic dentistry
  • High quality hi-tech modern equipment
  • Qualified dental staff
  • Friendly and cozy environment
  • Central location – Hamovniki District of Moscow
  • Historical part of Moscow, close to the parks and museums
  • Walking distance from metro stations Park Kultury,Kropotkinskaya, Smolenskaya
  • Parking lot


Пн-Сб: 9:00 - 21:00
Воскресенье выходной
Москва, ул. Пречистенка
д. 33/19 стр.1
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